wow. if you like Silent Hill...

you might enjoy this guy's stuff. very reminiscent of Masahiro Ito.

knackster gave me N and there is no cure

reply to this post and i will make you a letter gift. take the gifted letter to your harddrive and upload five songs. five shalt be the number you shalt upload, and the number of the uploading shall be five. six shalt thou not count, neither count thou four, excepting that thou then proceed to five. seven is right out.

1) X, "Nausea"
2) Joe Hisaishi, "Nighttime Coming" (Spirited Away OST)
3) Sneaker Pimps, "No Place Like Home"
4) Scarface, "No Tears"
5) Pixies, "No. 13 Baby"

1. because it's classic 2. getting chased through the woods at night 3. spite, it's in my head 4. murderous rage, it's in my head 5. prettiest song ending ever ever ever, play it while you're driving with the windows open


Oh oh oh oh my.

exactly my type of woman.

(just barely safe for work)

for people who want to lose weight

of course there are no easy solutions, but I've been following the advice in this book for around two months now, and I'm seeing real results. so why not share with my friends?

(obviously, if you're in America and have access to this in your local bookstore, you should support the author by buying it. think of this copy as a helpful preview.)

Charles Emerson Winchester is Gay


best quote: "I conclude that the work I do now no longer comes attached to once popular discriminations."

damn, if that ain't a refreshing thought. and when a struggling Hollywood actor is willing to risk his wallet on it, you know there must be something to it.


why on earth is there no definition for "novel" or "novelist" on

if that's a glitch, it's the weirdest one I've ever seen.

Penises? In MY lulz?



the art of roque

I've been drawn by some artists on the Whitechapel forum. awesome, or what? here are a couple of the pieces:

by Art Grafunkel (yes, he really spells his name like that)

hereCollapse )

and by Paul Sizer

hereCollapse )

ganked from unclejam


I love how their policy also applies to guys named "Gaywood." I also love how their dedication to non-harassment begins and ends with banning the people whose orientation is getting them harassed. problem solved!